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6" 8" 10" Waste Water Drainage Pumps

  • 40-year experience,
  • Quality, trusted brand,
  • 2-year warranty of Sahinler Submersible Pump,
  • 10-year parts warranty,
  • Manufacturing from 5 HP to 40 HP,
  • Special aluminum alloy body but bronze or stainless steel can be manufactured if required
  • Using high resistance epoxy paint against corrosion,
  • Water-cooled and lubricated and re-wrapped type of electrical engines,
  • No installation required, hand bearable, portable,
  • Most important support for throwing out of dirty water,
  • It can be immersed into the water up to height of compression,
  • Durable and long lasting,
  • Produced to pump dirty water with particles,
  • Consumes less energy, high efficiency water drainage,
  • Dealer and service network have been widely spread across the country,
  • 24-hour continuous operation,
  • 380 volts 2850 rpm

Pump Features: Waste water submersible pumps produced for pumping of dirty water containing the particles. These pumps fully insulated against water can be immersed into the water up to the height of compression. Water-cooled wet wrapped beds are water lubricated, have a stable structure, easy installation and dismantling.

Where to Use:

  • Ships (Store and Sintine)
  • Mine Pits
  • Ceisson Wells
  • Foundation Pits etc.

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Material: Pump body, snails and water collection cap is a special alloy of aluminum castings. Turbine wheels sphero are cast iron. In case of special needs can be made from bronze and stainless steel materials.

Electrical Control Panel: With specifically designed panels for waste water pumps by controlling the water level automatically, pump circuit is switched on and off.

Operation: Before running submersible waste water pumps, fill up the engine with pure water by opening the water filling cap until no air bubble left in it. Then close the cap and put down the motopump into the well..


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